Best way to learn HTML/CSS?

I just graduated with a CS degree but know next to nothing about web development but feel pretty comfortable programming. Are there any good books for frond end development that aren’t targeted towards complete beginners that spend too much time on tags, file types, etc…

I’m not sure what led you to us, but if you didn’t know, is a free web development curriculum. This forum is part of the community that has grown around that. We’re happy to have discussions about other resources, but by far the overwhelming recommendation that you’re going to get from us is to try the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

It teaches MERN stack web development from the ground up, and is very project focused. We also have Medium-style articles (titled “News”) and YouTube courses that cover more diverse subjects. As someone who has experience with other programming languages, there are parts that you could easily skip or just quickly skim through (like the Basic JavaScript and Basic Data Structures).