Bouncing Back - My Coding Story So Far

I wanted to take this time to share a little of my coding story, maybe it might motivate some others who are dealing with set backs. I started coding in C#, spent about 8 months learning the fundamentals of the language and making some fun little projects. I then picked up some html/css as well.

I finally got the courage to apply for a junior developer apprenticeship in September of last year. I felt like this was it, the technical questions they asked went really well and I felt I had enough experience to ace this. I did not get the position. It really was a blow to morale, I felt as though maybe coding was not for me. I took a few weeks away from any coding to reassess my goals.

I did go back to coding, because I find it fun and enjoyable. I like making projects, fixing bugs, learning new things. I decided to switch completely to web development. I looked at ASP .NET CORE and Blazor apps (thinking with my C# background that these would be great to pick up), but I finally settled on looking at express.js for server-side framework.

Now I am ready to launch my first website for a client. I’m working on some projects of my own at the moment as well. I almost gave up with coding a few months ago, I am so glad I didn’t. I would still like to get a job at a tech company one day. I know there is still an ocean of knowledge to learn as well. But right now I am in a good place.

I hope my story may motivate you. If you ever start to doubt yourself, take a moment to relax. Come back to coding when you are ready. Look at your old projects, all those amazing things you have written. Write something simple but visual (I usually write a basic log in system if you need inspiration). You can do it. I know I can.
Thank you for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your determination and success.

Your story will inspire many people who are not sure if they can do it.

Wishing you much more success!

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Thank you for sharing! Setbacks are never easy, and it’s great that you overcame yours and are in a good place. Congratulations on this achievement and wishing you more success to come!


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