Broken hearted soul looking for a solution to crack the Javascript down

Hi Everyone,

I’m a 28 years half broke guy (both financially though recovering from the loss incurred in my previous business and mentally, because of past relationship trauma) and started learning to code from free code camp challenges (it’s my 23rd day out of 365 day’s challenges).

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Though I’m from a business background (had an MBA degree), I started this journey to pursue my childhood dream and passion for technology and being part of this technological revolution.

This is not my first time, practicing Free Code Camp challenges, I attempted many times to finish the whole curriculum, but whenever Javascript challenges come, stressed and lost the track. But this I decided I will take time to solidify my Javascript knowledge and document my journey. Especially tips and tricks, I’m learning in times of solving the challenges and projects.

So, I would appreciate it if you guys suggest some books for better understanding and other resources like Udemy courses, blogs.

One last thing, since I’m trying for Express Entry (Canadian Migration), Would be great if you suggest some globally recognized certification I should cover in the meantime. My primary focus will be Full Stack Javascript and later Ruby & Python.


Hi just stumbled across your post and interestingly in another post I just read the author had posted what they recommended to read whilst learning Javascript. It is a free online book or of course you can order paperback version. The name of the book is Eloquent Javascript and the link is

book serie “you don’t know javascript” is available online for free

try freecodecamp youtube channel

and also "cs50 introduction to computer science " from harvard can be useful (videos on fcc youtube channel, or as a course on mooc platforms)

I consider Codecademy’s Intro to Javascript (free) a quality “weed-out” course. I always recommend people try to finish that before anything else.

It is difficult and deep and long. And I consider it a worthy challenge and example of the challenges (out of your comfort zone, dedication, focus and struggling through without 100% understanding) you’ll face in the career.


Appreciate everyone for your suggestions. Thank You.

you can do this! fighting spirit!

Mastering the ability to code a project takes a long time. It took me about 3.5 years before I landed my first junior developer role and I was in much like your situation minus the failed business venture.

If you want to see success, here are the steps I would do:

  1. Halt any tutorial, walkthrough, or book you’re consuming right now. The challenges can wait. The most important thing is gaining the confidence to code something on your own. It doesn’t have to be a grandeur of a project that fixes a real world problem, but an exercise of curiosity on the stuff you learnt so far. Nothing against using learning resources, but the biggest pitfall is gaining all this knowledge from tutorials or the challenges on freecodecamp and then when faced with a project, that knowledge gets thrown out the window. You can only read or watch so much. There needs to be time to exercise that gained knowledge so it can become experience. I suggest going on and start fiddling around with the solutions you’ve done so far. They provide a space to practice or fiddle with javascript or using the big three (html, css, and js) to gain the confidence you need to carry on with the challenges on FreeCodeCamp or any tutorial of your choice.

  2. Start going to meetup events and develop a network with fellow developers in your area. The biggest time suck I’ve dealt with when landing a dev job wasn’t technical ability. It was the lack of connections I had with the developer community. If I spent more time interacting with other developers and potential employers, that time ramp up could’ve been shorten by half.

  3. The issue you have with your past relationship sounds like a real doozy. I would consider getting that fixed above all else. That’s means getting out of the house and getting back out there. The best way to stop ruminating on old memories with your ex is by getting new ones with new people. It’s going to be tough and you may have several moments. However, you’re going to thank yourself despite your past failures.

Hang in there