Build a Celestial Bodies Database

I have completed the Build a Celestial Bodies Database project and passed. When I go to the page to submit my project, universe.sql, an error message keeps coming up that says “must complete project first”… but I already have. I’ve tried this several times and have not been able to submit the project. Please advise.

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Challenge: Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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Go Ahead and link the project here, so others can review it.

There’s three things you can try described here @kmjwebdesign. Let us know if any of them work :+1:

Thanks @moT01 , I tried those before posting. The only thing I haven’t tried is deleting the container as that’s a step I don’t want to take and that I already had to do for an earlier course.

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I just kept refreshing and clicking “continue” until the check mark appeared. Thanks for the responses @moT01 @ALLESS hopefully won’t run into that issue again.


Good Job. Glad you found a solution, even if it was just:

Had this issue, couldn’t upload my project because it said the project wasn’t finished. I opened two tabs: one with the project open, and the other with course overview. I clicked the “continue” button to finish the project, then switched over to submit my project in the other tab and it worked.

Hope this helps.

I ran into the same issue. I tried your solution but it didn’t work.

Hi there !
I completed the Celestial Bodies Database project, I could not have the link to submit it. Should I find it by doing a right click on universe.sql or take the link in the search bar ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

This is what worked for me:

  • Step 1: After completing the project (with checkmark) I closed the browser completely.
  • Step 2: After reopening the browser - I did everything @gnequin did (described in his post) - and voilà!

For some reason, it wouldn’t work without the first step (closing the browser window).

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