Building a Data Management interface for a small school

Hi, I would like to Build way for a small school 100 students.

We have used Google sheets for years and we are outgrowing it. These are the things we need.

Need a grade book that can handle a wide range of assessment types. I was thinking to use Excel or MySQL perhaps Power BI to build dashboards for the students and parents to keep track of grades. I’ll be learning how to use all of these as I go.

I would like to ask the community, what is a good, versatile database GUI for teachers to use to input the assignments and the grades into Excel or My SQL? Hoping it ill update in real time and the Student and Parent dashboards will update accordingly.

Thanks in advance.

Google Sheets is pretty good unless you want to write your own app or pay for something professional.

You can create validation and reports or write macros.

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