Building A Service Based App MVP


I would like to develop a minimum viable product of an app idea I have.

Think like a very basic version of Uber, Postnotes, or some other service/gig app.

I can design up non-functioning wireframes, but I feel like I’d prefer to make something with the basic functionalities that are expected with an app in this category (create account, payment system, and so on.)

Any direction on this is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Do you just want something you can create a quick prototype with, that demonstrates behavior but doesn’t require coding?

Take a look at

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That could work for the time being.

But, I was thinking that I could also maybe begin writing the application too.

Thank you for showing me this though. :slight_smile:

Oh, in that case I’d make a React / React Native client but just fake the backend with JSON files.

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Hello @devmasterdev ,

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