C# Autodesk and Access Boot Camp

I am a beginner c# programmer, i just finished c# basics fundamentals including winforms and wpf.

can anyone recommend a BootCamp that is specialized in structural analysis using Finite Element Analysis for developing the concept of a Structural Analysis and Design Softwares such as Scia, Sap2000, Staad Pro, i already have most of the libraries required for this application.

i would like to learn from this BootCamp the most efficient tools that help me build a structural engineering application simillar to Scia, Sap2000, StaadPro for the libraries that i bought for my application:

My Libraries are:
use C# Language
use WPF UI
access database
excel library for manipulating template files
word library for manipulating template files
autodesk library(i already bought this library) for manipulating template drawings
OpenGL library
Woutware for rendering (i already bought this library)
Finite Element Analysis Library(i already bought this library)

Basically, i need to learn how to design this specific application architecture in most efficient way, how to create wrapper classes that has methods that call the above libraries i bought, how to chain classes in most efficient way, how to make classes run parallel and synchronized.


As you are researching bootcamps, I encourage you to read Quincy’s Coding Bootcamp Handbook.