Can I get some feedback on my resume?

I’d appreciate any and all constructive feedback on my resume. And I already know, change the picture haha. Thank you all in advance!

Here is a link to the pdf.

I’m going to give you feedback on the design. I am a graphic designer with 20years experience in the advertising industry. The content you’ll have to get someone else to feedback on.

A couple of things I would recommend straight off the bat.

  1. That font you have chosen is is unreadable.
    The idea is you want the viewer to actually want to read your document. A nice readable font helps in a big way. I would look at a lighter weight or change it completely. You could if you wanted to, keep it as a heading font, if you do this I would remove the underline.

  2. Top section is crowded.
    If you saw a website like this would you say that’s a good design?
    Step back from it, look at it and see if you think which bits you want to read, which bits you can’t stand to look at for too long, do I feel like rereading this? Make it re-readable, make it that the viewer actually enjoys the process.

  3. Colour
    Not a massive fan of that brown colour. It conflicts hard with the cyan colour you use as a link colour. All colours on this page should compliment each other.

  4. Massive line in the middle.
    Does that need to be there? You have enough space between the columns to not need it.

  5. Great photo.
    Good lighting, great smile, looks nice in the circle. I would keep this how it is. Maybe even start with this in the top left corner (top left corner is where most people in the world start reading from. It’s a natural thing for humans to see each others faces first before knowing anything about them.). It would be more human of a introduction.

Sorry if I came off across a little harsh, I think you’re nearly there, most of my feed back is about polish.


Just an addition to @Yeeons feedback: try to keep the header horizontally aligned with the content . It’s a simple detail that helps to harmonize things :wink:


In the US, it’s typically recommended to not have a photo at all, so I’d suggest taking that out. Your LinkedIn profile is the place to put a self-photo, not your resume.

The main thing I noticed is that you aren’t using standard 1" margins or a single-columnar layout. Double columns don’t scan well in the automated systems that larger companies use, and tend to make the content more difficult to scan by a human reader as well. So I’d suggest modifying your resume into a single-columnar layout, so that’s easier to scan for both people and automated systems.

The descriptions of your personal projects are fine, nothing really “wrong” with them, but in most cases a developer won’t be reading your resume, but rather some sort of hiring person who won’t understand all of the buzzwords and technologies. I’d recommend re-wording and putting them into a different context so that an average person who’s not a developer will be able to understand what your projects are about.

And frankly, when you have a BS in electrical engineering that’s all you need for education. That’s way more impressive than FreeCodeCamp, which most people won’t know about.

Also, “client experience” should be re-worded to either “Work Experience” or just “Experience”. Adding the “client” makes that a bit confusing to understand.

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Not harsh at all, appreciate the feedback. I’ll get on it!

haha thanks will do!

I started off of with a single column but felt like it was too similar to everyone else’s. It must work then, maybe I’ll do a single column version and keep some stats on how they each perform :ok_hand:t6:

Definitely agree with @astv99. You can leave the photo off the resume, and I would move the experience section to the top. Also, I think you should capitalize the section titles. As it is, it sort of creates a bit of a visual conflict. Depending on where you look, you might read that having such a lengthy summary (or a summary at all), is unnecessary. You could probably just reduce it to “Full Stack Developer”, or “Full Stack Developer with experience doing ____” if you have said experience.

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Appreciate the feedback!

My opinion: Just remove the “proficient with:” and "comfortable with:"
Just list your skills.

plus, what does proficient and comfortable mean anyway? It’s very subjective.

Seems to be a few commits regarding removing the photo. I think the best bet is to do a version with one and a version with out.

I’ve had a heap of resumes over the years, some do really well even though I thought they would not, and the ones I spent ages on didn’t get a peep.

I once did a storybook resume with a teddy bear as the main character. First job I applied with it the guy that looked at it was a father of 2 little boys and loved it, pretty much got the job on that resume.

Others will say you should avoid this or that cause its not the done thing, in some cases they might be right, but why have a resume that looks like everyone else?. I recommend trying both and keep changing it. Like I would send a bunch of resumes out with that brown then do the brown as a cooler colour, then a brighter colour. You’ll find that people will respond differently and some combos will work really well.

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Re: photos. Not unless you’re applying for a modeling/acting job.

It’s different here in the US because of equal opportunity employment laws. Companies don’t want to give the impression an applicant was turned down or hired because of their looks, race, gender, age, disability, etc…

I have a “plain text” version of mine, and usually send a designed copy and a plain text.

As regards to a photo, I put a cartoon copy of myself on rather than a straight photo. Its a tricky one, because I wouldn’t want to include a photo that looked too informal, however too formal with no expression and you are at risk of looking miserable. I’m not sure in this case the photo is doing you any favours.

As mentioned above, the design work could do with a bit of work. The big thing for me is the headers need their first letters capitalizing in my opinion. And the margins need to be equal all over the page.

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Well, no, they just use the ‘algorithm for that’.

Personally I believe in equality opportunity for both women, and whatever other background, based on their experience and credentials, for which Aaron has a strong one. Again, I’m not a recruiter, but for me he also doesn’t have to fill out a dot on a form.

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Hey everyone! Can you take a look at my resume and let me know what you think?

BTW, I do know that I have some temporary contact info in there. And the grey border is from the crop!

I just want to say that I know a guy that works in Amazon… and his pic in GitHub and in his resume is him with a panda bear toy in his head… so, the picture being beautifull, creative, or funny, still works.

Okay… what? “a panda bear toy in his head”? Trying to picture that… lol.