Can you review my resume?

I’m looking for an internship this spring semester. It would be nice if you give me some advice and check up my resume.

Is that a resume or a web portfolio?

This is a resume I started work this week.

I’m not a big fan of the color and font choice. Looks like some old dungeon and dragons fantasy layout (even though that game is great :stuck_out_tongue: ).

the HTML image isn’t transparent, making it stand out and look out of place.
I would also try and keep the gap equal between left and right, so either make the images to the left larger or the ones to the right smaller.

Add a picture of yourself.

Add some margin/padding for your headlines. If you look at “Profile” it almost touches the line-break now, making it look a bit crammed.

Contact section seems a bit odd, Email, Address etc are very far to the left while your information is far to the right.

Could add links your LinkedIn and GitHub / portfolio.


Thank you for the review. I will use the advice you gave me.

Did you really just code your resume? I mean it looks good but damn lmfao XD!

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Don’t use star ratings, they don’t mean anything, just write down your skills. Also the skills at the bottom seem useful professional skills, why are they separate?

You list design tools but no design skills. So the skills part has to be inferred from the design of the whole thing, and that is lacking.

The design is not printable.

The design is likely to be impossible for software to parse. As a [fairly simplistic] test, take you CV and upload it to or another similar service. The service should try to parse the CV and fill in your profile automatically. If it can’t do that, assume there’s an issue.

Simple designs, black on white, in Word/Google Docs will generally work better because someone can actually print them out, and software can generally parse information out of them easily. You did a design course, and typography is central to design, surely you can make a very good looking CV with black text on white paper.

Profile contradicts the skills section (skills are dominated by design tools + you say you’re not that good at JS, profile says you’re a programmer).

Profile doesn’t read very well.

Not sure how important the work experience actually is Vs explaining more about your college course if your trying to get junior developer jobs.


This may be harsh, but if you submit this resume with your application, it’d be as effective as no resume at all.

There’s very little substance to glean from this resume, other than your name and contact information which will be in your application anyway.

To start, are you looking for an internship as a designer or as a developer? Your resume and skills should be tailor to the position. The entire Adobe creative suite can literally be summed up in 1 sentence if you’re looking for developer jobs, because it is an auxiliary skill.

Like DanCouper mentioned, the star ratings are meaningless. it has no credibility being your subjective opinion with no frame of reference. For example, you rate yourself as 2/5 in JavaScript. What does that mean exactly? Do you know ES6? do you know JQuery? Do you know Node.js? I have no way of know what you actually know and don’t know. All I know is that you are not very confident in your own mastery of JavaScript.

If front-end developer is your goal, then just being very proficient in HTML and CSS I’m afraid is no longer enough. I don’t know how accurately 2 out of 5 reflects your JavaScript proficiency, but If I’m trying to hire a developer and I see that a person that’s not even confident enough to give himself a passing grade on the one real programming language in his skillset, it’d be an instant pass for me. Your resume is no place to be humble. You want to be as accurate and exact as possible

There is very little here that demonstrates that you can code. Surely you have projects from class or personal free time that better demonstrate your technical abilities. You want the hiring manager to know that you bring value, and the only way to do that is to demonstrate experience either through work or projects.

I’d highly suggest you reach out to your school’s career service to improve your resume, as well as look up some very help post on the FCC medium about resume writing for better examples


Thank you psychometry. In fact, I genuinely don’t know what JQuery and Node.js mean. I still study multimedia design. However, sincerely thank you for the favorable review. I will fix it.

Thank you DanCouper. Actually, I created my account yesterday. Thank you for the advice.

The third certificate in The FreeCodeCamp curriculum will help you find it out!