Resume-Rough Draft

Greetings everyone,

Here is my first draft of my IT resume. Any constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated as this will help me improve.

It’s a cute design for an online resume, but recruiters are going to want to scan it quickly, either with specialized tools or their own eyeballs, and your layout will be off-putting to them. Your skills should be a highlight of your resume right up top, not a sidebar item. My overall point is that a resume is no place to be clever about design. Keep it simple and readable, and save the flash and dazzle for your portfolio site.

Other nitpicks on the existing design:

  • The avatar is awful. It might be all right at half the size.
  • Get rid of the underlines and give your sections a little bigger top margin.
  • That beige stripe on the right looks wrong.

Oh and do reconsider whether you want to be posting your home address and phone number on this rather high-traffic site. It’d be far from the first resume on the FCC forums that did this, but I’d still suggest posting an edited version that doesn’t include that.