Can i learn React or Angular with out functional programming?


I have completed some online courses and youtube videos on JavaScript and also on recent version of ES6 , not too deep though, i now want to learn React…

However i see many people saying functional programing is essential to code well in them…

So can i learn these libraries with out knowing functional programming?

Can any one suggest a good place to learn functional programming and React.js and react native …


You can. Only a few concepts from pure functional programming languages are used by React + Redux ecosystem, and usually for more advanced needs. And Angular tries to use as much of OOP as it can because it tries to appeal itself to Java and C# users.

Here’s a good book by the author of You Don’t Know Javascript:
Functional-Light JavaScript

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@Implair - thank so much , i read on quora that these are the below topics one needs to know and i see them as being a part of functional programing or am i wrong here, kindly guide …

Higher-order functions
JavaScript Arrays in Depth (Map)
Reduce Data with Javascript Array
ES6/ES7 syntax


You are right. And most of these are really simple.

For example:

You can use MDN to get examples for most of these topics. Just play around with them, become comfortable.

I would suggest starting learning to react since it uses a lot of these concepts. Which will allow you to see for yourself how they are being used in real-world applications.

And don’t worry if these concepts seem alien at first since they require a different way of thinking compared to Structural and Object-Oriented approaches to programming. Just keep learning every day something new and you’ll get there.