Can I skip one section?

I finished the Responsive Web Design Certification a few years ago and continued learning CSS and JavaScript (ES5) from other resources. Recently I got an internship (paid, with possibility to be employed after 3 months, yay!) at a great company. Currently I’m creating layouts with HTML and CSS and some basic Angular stuff like routing and displaying lists and stuff from JSON files. I started the Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures on FCC so I can start doing more complex stuff at work.

I just finished the Basic Javascript and the ES6 sections and should now start the Regular Expressions section. Because I know we won’t be using Regular Expressions at my job, I don’t want to waste my time completing those challenges right now (but I do want to return to them later, before starting the certification projects).

Now that you know the (probably unnecessary) background, my question is: is the Regular Expressions section linked with the sections after it? Will it cause problems for me later on if I skip it for now or is it a standalone section that won’t affect next sections?

just go to next section, and keep working on the later stuff