Can you get a job as a front end developer with just this?

I want to get a job as a web designer or front end developer. I want to get certified in jaavscript algorithms and data structures, web design (html and css) and front end development libraries. will this be enough? as anyone gone this route and worked for themselves or remote right away? i would be ok working for a company if it was remote. i should mention i have certain challenges cause im autistic and cant drive because of it, and have other challenges related to it. any advice?

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If you are interested in web design then freecodecamp doesn’t teach that.
freecodecamp focuses on full stack javascript and data science
I would suggest looking for other courses that focus specifically on web design

that is a good start but no that won’t be enough.
no course will be enough
you will need to build projects outside of courses to truly demonstrate your skills
these should be projects that took weeks to build that have some complexity to it

I started learning with freecodecamp back in 2020.
started building projects on my own to grow my skills.
started building projects in public and sharing my progress on twitter
started doing part time contract work and writing tons of technical articles
got super involved with the community through twitter spaces, online meetups, and programming groups
started contributing to open source projects

through one of my meetups, I started making connections with a company.
started contributing to their open source projects.
started attending more of their online events.
applied for the job, passed the technical interview and landed the job

freeCodeCamp is a great start and will give you a good starting base
but you have to apply those skills and grow from there

The market isn’t great right now and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon and
landing a remote job especially for your first one isn’t going to be easy

I was able to land a remote role but I attribute that to having worked with many of their team members for 7 months through their online events and open source projects before I applied

if I hadn’t gotten that job, then I was open to jobs in my area

I understand there are health concerns in your situation but this is the current state of the market we are in

hope that helps

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Your replies are always so thoughtful! How do one go about finding those online events? Thank you!!

HI @ingridWillCode !

I would suggest starting with twitter.
Even though a lot has happend with twitter since elon musk came into the picture there is still a lot of actiivty going on.

I would check out different twitter spaces and search for chatter about different developer events.

also check out the freecodecamp discord channel

Also check out different programming discord communities and slack groups.
There are a lot of them out there.
If you google “developer discord communities” you will find tons of lists of suggests for programming discords to join.
Start joining those and check out the environment. If you aren’t feeling a particular discord server, you can leave and move onto the next one

Also, devto is a good community

hope that helps

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