Can't submit the trophy link

I just completed Write Your First Code Using C# and when I clicked on the link to get my trophy link, the page did not look like what is shown in the YouTube video. I refreshed the page, closed it and opened it again, I got logged out of Microsoft, then had to log in again - all messed up. Anyway, when I got the trophy link I see this message on FCC:

Your transcript link is not correct, it should have the following form: - check the UPPERCASE items in your link are correct.

Here is the link that I get when I click on the share icon and click Copy URL:

Why is the link bad? How do I fix this? I just spent the last 3 days doing all the modules.

Hi kernix. The format of your transcript link is definitely wrong formatted. I had a similar problem and I just created a new one that worked. But you might have to share it again to people or organizations that used your old one.

  1. How do you create a new one?
  2. What do you mean by …you might have to share it again to people or organizations that used your old one? Do you mean the link I added above?

Is there a possibility that one of the modules is not complete? How can I check every module in this section on the Microsoft site?

Here is a screenshot:

You can remove the link to your transcription on your Microsoft Learn profile page. (See screenshot). What this means is, if you shared your transcript already with others, and now create a new link for your transcription, the link these people already have will no longer work. You need to give them the new one that you create. If you only need the link for freeCodeCamp and have not shared it with others before, you are good to go with creating a new one to fix the problem with the wrong formatted link you posted. Hope this helps.

As far as I can say from this screenshot you posted, you earned the trophy for the whole learning path, what means you must have completed all modules too. This should make you eligible to take the exam afaik.

Edit: Not sure if I got this right. I just saw that in my profile it says also I have earned a trophy for a learning path. You need to have finished all six parts of the course to get access to the exam. Sorry for the confusion.

No, I only completed the first section. I do not see the text that is in your screenshot on my profile page. What are you clicking on your profile page to see that? When I click Transcript on my profile page I get this:

Now the Transcript page is showing?!?

You are on the right space, but they seem to have technical problems. I had to logout and login and after a while I saw my transcript page with the link option again.

Ok, so on Transcript you click Share Link and the popup I see is the same as your image above. It worked - THANKS!!!

You do not have to do that for every trophy, do you?

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No. If the link works, you can simply click on verify trophy on the freeCodeCamp website for any trophy you reached on the Microsoft Learn website. Worked like a charm for me, after the transcription link finally worked.

Got it - and I shared that link - on to the next section…

Cool. Have fun and good luck!

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I don’t have such a menu item!

Hello there. What do you mean, you don’t have such a menu item? You don’t have a Transcript link on the left side on your profile page at Microsoft Learn?

I also do not have a menu item. See attached screenshot. I cannot create a Share link to my Microsoft Learn account.

I finally figured this out. I completed a simple exercise on Microsoft Learn’s site (example), and now I can create a share link

The text says it all:

Complete a learning path or module and a transcript of your activity will be shown here.

Are you doing all the steps that show a lesson or module complete? Have you watched the freeCodeCamp video on the whole process?

Any one ccan you help me on this issue
i have completed all the tasks but how do i get the trophy on each of the task.
i have put my link which is the right link and its verified
but i dont know how to ge the trophy so i can do the exam

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Yes sir!!!