Can't tap square brackets on MacBook with Five Programs project

What is your hint or solution suggestion?

I can not tap square brackets on my MacBook. I try Alt+shift+5 that I usually do on VsCode. Somebody can help please ?

Challenge: Add Labels to D3 Elements

Link to the challenge:

Perhaps one of the responses to this post will work? < macos - Shortcut for brackets "[ ]" on Mac OS - Super User>

Thank you for response. This post explain how to tap square brackets with two buttons (like cmd + anything) instead of alt+shift+(. My problem is that I CAN tap square on google research, on pages, on VsCode on everywhere with “alt+shift+(” => look … BUT I can’t when I try to do it in the terminal where I have to complete Five Program project.

the other thought I am having is, do you know how to turn on a software keyboard in your computer? Maybe if you have a software keyboard on your screen you can use it to type out the square bracket.

one more thought also is what if you copied the square bracket in when you need it?
(like type the code somewhere else, the copy it into the editor? That works for me so I wonder if you can try it as a last resort)

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I don’t know how to use software keyboard but I can google it. I can’t not copy/past in the terminal. It does not work.

here’s what I found on the ‘accessibility keyboard’ for mac


thank you. I’m still struggling. When I type out square brackets it shows an alert at the bottom of this screenshot “cannot read properties of undefined”.

And you can see clearly that I can type out square bracket when I open my MacBook’s terminal. But I cannot with the

the freeCodeCamp Five Programs project terminal

Can you switch your language settings to English United States on your computer and try that again?

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it does not work :smiling_face_with_tear: neither

so at this point your accessiblity keyboard has been switched to english US and so it shows you the square brackets now.
And you tried to click these on the keyboard and it doesn’t work in the terminal.
Does it work if you open a file in vscode? (for eg. if you run touch test to create a test file and edit it and type the square bracket there, does that work?)

Are you then able to copy whatever you types from the test file into the terminal?

Yes that’s it. I can type out square brackets on VsCode, on pages and on my MacBook terminal. It does not work when type it on the project’s terminal

What if you type it somewhere else and copy it to the terminal?

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Thanks for your suggested solution. I just gave up

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