Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

Hi there,

I have completed the " Build a Celestial Bodies Database" challenge.

I have made a Github account also. What I am struggling with is how to upload my finished database to Github so I can submit my work.

This is probably a very basic question but any help would be appreciated.

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Challenge: Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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Firstly, in a bash terminal within the course, you need to create a dump of your database:

pg_dump -cC --inserts -U freecodecamp universe > universe.sql

This will create a universe.sql file in the project folder.

Next, open up a notepad (or similar app) on your PC and paste the entire contents of the above file and then save it to your desktop with the same filename.

Finally, create a new GitHub repo and upload the file to it.

You can then submit the repo link to FCC to pass the project.

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Thank you for that!

I have followed those steps and have a notepad document uploaded to my Github account with the solution. Unfortunately the URL isn’t being accepted, I get an error message saying “the project must be completed first”.

Any idea why this is? URL as below:



You might need to go back into the project. If you’ve completed the project successfully on CodeAlly you should see a 100% completion message. Make sure you click ‘Continue’ on this message and then go back to the FCC curriculum and click back through to the project page where you submit your git repo link.

Hi, Im having the same problem and this solution does not work for me.

is the file which is supposed to to be uploaded has to be named:

while uploading it to the github?

In GitHub, a repository must be created with the name of the project where you are busy.
A file called “universe.sql” must be added to the repository.
Copy the content from “universe.sql” generated in the project to the file “universe.sql” added to the GitHub repository.
The repository link from GitHub must be added in " step 2 " in the project.

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yes I did that

Copy the link ( adapted to your profile ) and past it in the “step 2” of the project.

Thank you, Let me try that.

Thank you @icxc
it got passed

I have the same problem.
First project is fully completed, but during I past a link on GitHub repo with solution and entering buttom “I’ve competed this challenge” appears note: “You must complete the project first”.

The same problem was in previous course named “Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database”. I complete the project and were waiting a check mark in cource card for 4 days.
Maybe information are updated in 3-4 after tasks is completed.

Have the same problem.

This is the most frustrating part of this whole process! I can’t make it work

For another project, reloading the page that says “You must complete the project first” worked. Worth giving a shot. : )

Hi All,

I created the tables earlier with out a foreign key that references. Can you please advice if I am able to add them at later stage or the table need to be created again?

Hello - same issue:

  • completed the project
  • dumped in bash
  • saved a notepad copy titled universe.sql in gitHub
  • url is not passing in FCC, with the message ‘you must complete project first’
    Thank you!