Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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Im getting error “you must complete project first” but i have completed the build celestial bodies DB. and have created the github repo with the universe.sql file generated from my project. when i past my github repo URL (GitHub - AshwellKakaza/Build_a_celestial_bodies_database: free code camp celestial bodies project) , I get the error “you must complete project first”

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Did you get the checkmark for completing the course in gitpod? After the last step you still have to click continue. If you did that then try refreshing the page on fCC where it asks you to submit your project files. Hopefully after the refresh you will be able to submit the link.

I hope this helps.

Yes I did try refreshing , but I still have the same problem . and yes i did complete the project and got the check mark.

and I did click on the continue button

I created a public repo on my github and uploaded the universe.sql file but i still have the same “You must complete the project first.” error

this is my github repo : Build_a_celestial_bodies_database/universe.sql at main · AshwellKakaza/Build_a_celestial_bodies_database (github.com)

I finally resolved it so what I did was , on the FCC page, where it asks for the public git repo URL, instead of clicking on the “your Gitpod dashboard” link , I clicked on "start the project " button and on the project folder I created a new universe.sql and pasted my SQL contents. then i ran “psql -U postgres < universe.sql” on the terminal , then clicked the blue Run button. After that I clicked continue from the success check result pop up . I refreshed the FFC page then I reentered the URL on the FCC page and it worked.

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