Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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It says I must complete the project first. BUT I HAVE!!!

I completed the challenge, I followed the instructions. I followed these instructions for repo
So for those users who find their way here with the same questions I had, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Use the provided instructions to create the SQL dump
  2. You should then see the file in the left pane of the Code Ally screen. Under Project you should now have a new file named “Universe.sql”
  3. Open that then Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C to copy all of it
  4. In your GitHub account select to create a new public repository
  5. Below the “Quick setup” option you’ll see smaller text " Get started by [creating a new file] or [uploading an existing file]." Click the “creating a new file” hyperlink.
  6. Give it the name “Universe.sql” and then paste all you copied from Step 3 into the editor
  7. Scroll down and click “Commit New File” button
  8. Below “yourName Create Universe.sql” you will see a row with the text “Universe.sql”. Right click that hyperlink and copy the link address
    ###Your project link(s)

solution: Project/Universe.sql at main · JuliaWilsonEY/Project · GitHub

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Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database