Choosing a framework: Vue or Svelte?

I’m done with the first two modules - Responsive Web Design and JavaScript Algorithms, in the curriculum.

The next modules requires me to learn a front end framework/library. I’d like to try all of popular ones, but I don’t have enough time and I’ve to get a job asap. So, I’ve to choose that’s easy to learn and that’ll get me a job. People say Vue is easy to pick up and it seems like Svelte is also not so hard to learn. Plus it’s fast.

So, which one do I choose in this situation? Learn Vue, get a job and try Svelte on the side or vice versa?
Also, I don’t know there are many job postings for Svelte developers in India.

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The front-end framework used in the FCC curriculum is React, which is far and away the most popular front-end framework. Vue has some very nice features, but it’s far more complex than React once you start needing to work with things like slots, and its template syntax does not integrate with JavaScript as easily as JSX.

Svelte looks interesting, but for now it’s still a small niche, so there’s far fewer tutorials or people who can help you with it. All these frameworks are worth learning, but I think you’ll have a much smoother path with React.

Well, there aren’t many anywhere, it’s very new and very niche at the minute and barely anyone uses it. It might get you a job in the future if (big if) it takes off. By all means bet on it, but it’s a skill very few employers need right now.

If you need a job, you should learn the framework with the most job opportunities. Doing anything less is cutting down your chances before you even start learning anything.

Yes you could learn the easier framework, but you will have a harder time finding a job, which is the whole point of the process.

I recommend looking at which of the big three frameworks has the most job opportunities for entry level developers in your area. I don’t recommend Svelte at all, as job prospects even for VueJs are low compared to React and Angular. (I’ve heard Angular is more popular offshore due to enterprise offshore development)

Keep things in perspective, if you need a job, you will need to hedge your bets as best as possible to get a job, everything else is more or less secondary. Yes its easier to probably learn VueJs, but if it doesn’t get you a job then who cares how easy it is.

Finally FCC goes over React, which is the most popular of the big three web frameworks, but I still recommend looking at job opportunities first to make a sensible choice as to how job prospects look before looking at other things, like difficulty of learning.

Most frameworks have similar learning humps: at the outset, getting the mindset of reactive frameworks takes some getting used to, then data immutability/data stores can be challenging… along the way, each framework meets different hurdles in different ways.

Professionally, the angular or react thing is definitely a big piece of that pie. The con to that argument is that React is, up front, less easily grasped. With time and practice, it will have a steadier learning curve, but it’s hard to grasp at first.

Vue is great, and easy to learn up front - but as you advance it does become more complex. And again, what sort of demand is there in/near your area for it? Are you willing/able to move, if you choose this one? I know, for example, there is a fairly sizeable Vue community across Europe.

Svelte is something I’ve recently begun playing with, and it’s deceptive. It’s easy to understand, and it’s flexible and fairly adaptable to a number of different configurations. I started playing with it a week ago, and this morning was setting up a Svelte/Firebase/Auth/multi-component-desktop simulator, to see how sub-sub-components talking to the data store would impact it. It’s clean, and fast, and powerful. Rather than being a framework, it’s a pure compiler, which is a different beast. It is easy to learn, sure, but it is also very new. The current release, v3, has not been around long. There is nowhere near the adoption for it to consider it a competitor to React, Vue, Angular or others. But I think it might be one to watch.

Professionally, React or Vue. Personally, I’m investing my own time and energy pushing Svelte, to see what it’s capable of - and I’m talking to a number of folks in the pre-startup phase who are very interested in what I find out.

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Thank you all for the advice. Appreciate it. :slight_smile: