(CLOSED) How Should I Study With FCC? (CLOSED)

Hey Everyone,

 Quick question. I have run through all of the course work leading up to the first two challenges (Tribute,Portfolio), and I know for a fact, that I could not sit down and even begin to create something with a blank page and no guidance. How many times have ya'll run through the course material in the past before doing the challenges or moving on to another section. At this point I feel like I would need to do every section a dozen times. 

 Should I just keep trucking along until I hit a wall and then go back and start over? Should I repeat each section a few times before moving to the next? What study/practice method have ya'll found that works best with FCC? Thanks! Cheers :beers:!

Side Note: Looking ahead, gets me super overwhelmed. :sweat:

Just FYI, I think this came out like this because you tried to indent your paragraphs with four spaces. Some forums (and I guess this one) interprets that as a code block. So it rendered each paragraph as its own line.

Just don’t indent paragraphs.

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I figured that out. And got a new post up. Thanks. Cheers :beers: