Code Camp for free for kids in Atlanta and the Atlanta area so that they can be a part of the future

I need guidance on how to launch a free coding lesson at a place such as a local library or getting volunteers to teach.

What exactly are you looking for guidance on?

Cool, glad to hear it!

Something like this was just launched in my city. The local chamber of commerce opened up a “computer science meetup”, where people learn how to program, and discuss tech. The meetups are hosted in their building once a month. I was the first to join their group, offered to make them a Facebook group page for convenience, and posted on Craigslist to market the group.

Over the last month, it now has over 20 members, which is great considering my small area.

So I advise you to do just that: go to -> create a meetup. If people are near your location, they’ll get notified about the new group, and join(hopefully, haha). Now, my local group gained interest, and knowledgeable people offered to volunteer; I cannot predict if it will be the same in your case, but it would definitely be worth trying.

As for the location, I think it’d be best to contact your library, or your chamber of commerce, and see if they’re interested in something like this. I’m sure your library has a room that you can use, and they’d be glad to host such events.

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