Code Intelligence in replit

Code intelligence not working on project arithmetic arranger, it works when I create a project myself
This is the link to the project: Join MuhammadSaleh10's "boilerplate-arithmetic-formatter (1)" - Replit

It is a replit feature that does automatic code completion (possibly other things)

That is true but as it gives recommendations it also increases knowledge about which functions exist for a class. if I type list. it shows all the functions, which is a good way to learn

What Replit calls “code intelligence” is a setting that you can personally turn on and off for your project. It looks like it’s already on:

Intellisense and code completion has nothing to do with AI coding. It is usually available through LSP (language server protocol) and the programming language. One of the major benefits of TypeScript/typed code is the code completion it gives you. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to have that available.

Some APIs are also just so damn hard to remember that without some code completion they really get annoying to work with. Even just the plain JS web APIs are annoying like that, e.g. element.insertAdjacentHTML I hate having to type out and often get it wrong. Not only am I not a native English speaker but I have a bit of dyslexia which affects my spelling.

I do agree that the more times you type something the more likely you are to remember it. So yes, it can cause some learning to be skipped.

As for code AI, I love GitHub Copilot and I know a lot of devs do as well. I would take it even at 30% accuracy for free just to avoid some typing. I don’t need it to complete algorithms for me or write large amounts of code, just the code completion for common tasks. Although having it setup boilerplate code using comments is pretty nice as well (// express server running on port 3000)

The alternative is just Google and Stack Overflow anyway as we simply can not remember all of it.

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