blank pen settings

Hey guys!

Hope you’re well. I was trying to complete the Drum Machine project from the FrontEnd Libraries and whenever I click the pen settings, it shows a blank window:

I believe it had something to do with the recent update to Firefox Developer Edition, since it was working well before that. Additionally, when I try to watch netflix on the web player on the same browser the screen goes black when I move the cursor onto the window. I believe both issues come from the same problem. Has this happened to anyone else? I haven’t been able to find anything related to this problem. I already disabled Hardware Acceleration as seen in the Mozilla forums, but that didn’t do the trick.

I don’t want to switch to other browser, since I find Firefox pretty reliable and full of Web Dev utilities.

Any advice will be kindly appreciated.

That is a risk you run with non-standard browsers. I recommend keeping a current stable browser on your computer for issues like this.


The thing is, since I’m learning Frontend Development I find FirefoxDev more useful with its built-in special features made exclusively for this purpose.

Welp, I’ll have to port all my data to regular Firefox and then reinstall the Dve version to see if the problem is solved. I’ll still use it for Development though, it’s fantastic for that matter

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