Codepen vs hosting a project on GitHub Pages?

Hi everyone. I see that at the bottom of each challenge, it says that you don’t have to use CodePen - you can write the code in any editor and as long as you pull in the JavaScript test file, the tests will work. I’ve been using VS Code to solve the challenges, since I find it easier than CodePen and the tests work fine. This means that it would be pretty easy to host the resulting web page on something like GitHub Pages (I’m storing the code on GitHub anyway).

My question is this: is it OK when asking for feedback to share a link to the GitHub Pages-hosted page itself, plus the source code in the GitHub repo? Or would folks here prefer I put the project into CodePen before asking for feedback?

It is easier w/r/t feedback to have it on CodePen or Codesandbox because it can be edited in real-time – so for example if you have an issue, someone can just show you immediately what needs to be changed and what the effect will be. CodePen for very small things, Codesandbox (or similar) for small apps.

The issue with the code being on GH is that yes, can see the code and the end result, but it can’t be easily edited or played around with without figuring out how to install and run the code.

When asking just for feedback and you don’t want to check your code, I don’t mind whether it’s CodePen, hosted website or anything else.

On the other hand when you have a problem and you’re seeking help, I think it’s best if you make it as easy as possible for others to play around with your code. So, like @DanCouper said, CodePen and Codesandbox are way to go imo.

Also, when you have a GitHub repo you can very easily import it to Codesandbox:


Thank you @DanCouper and @sitek94 - I hadn’t thought about the “playing with the code” aspect. Point taken, and I’ll be sure to submit using CodePen (or maybe CodeSandbox given it can import from GH) . I’m still fiddling around with the tribute page myself at the moment, but will be sure to submit it when it’s ready.

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