Projects must be on Codepen?

Hi everyone.

Please tell me, do we need to host our projects on Codepen or there is a alternative, like github for example?


You can host on GithubPages, codepen, or your own webhost as long as the test suite can be run. I think a lot of people use codepen because of easy importing and reduced boilerplate, and because the project examples are hosted there.

Ok, thanks for fast answer.
Just include the link from github pages and thats all?
Didn’t understand about test suite, can you explain me?

If you go to one of the project challenges in the curriculum, you’ll see that they tell you to include:, a very large javascript file that runs tests (similar to the green checkmarks you get for completing certain aspects of the challenge waypoints) to see if your page meets the user stories. It creates a hamburger icon in the upper left hand corner of your page that you can expand and hit the “Run Tests” button after selecting which project you are creating from the drop-down menu. Pass all the tests for a project, and it is considered done. Any improvements you make beyond those requirements are encouraged for self-expression and self-directed learning, but not mandatory.

Thanks again bro!

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The main thing is that the code needs to be available and a working version of the app has to be available. Github can take care of the first, and github pages the second. The advantage of codepen is that it takes care of both and can be a gentle introduction for people new to coding. The other big advantage is that it makes it much easier for other people to help out if you have a question.