Coding app question?

What do you consider to be a good coding program to use when developing code? I currently use Notepad++ (still learning) but I wanted to see if there is a better app out there. Obviously free is better but give me your suggestions!


Hey there @tjbanks!

That’s a good question but it really depends on what your coding. If your doing .net, C, or C++ I would reccomend a full IDE such as Visual Studio.

However if your doing basic Web develppment VS Code is my personal choice becuase it has great extensions support, great theme support, and great Git integration. It also has debug feature that allows you to run JS and other programming languges.

Atom is also a pretty good choice.

Hope this helped!


You’ll end up trying a bunch of Text Editors and IDEs eventually and sort of settle in to whatever is the most intuitive for you. Playing with different editors is a fun way to procrastinate, rather than being an important decision. For now, you’re fine with Notepad++.