Coding for beginners

Dear all,
I have a questions if here anyone doing self pace study, practising coding for the first time, hw are you guys getting on? I’m a fresh starter and before jumping into immersive courses want to try to learn on my own. Any tips? Many thanks !

Most of the people here have been learning using

Hello @nazgul06 and welcome to the community

I am doing a self-paced studying, and I have been learning to code for some time now.

First, ask yourself what specific area you want to focus on learning to code. Would it be front-end, back-end, or full-stack?

freeCodeCamp and its curriculum is a fantastic platform to learn to code and build projects. But, no matter what platform you are learning to code (be it Codecademy or Udacity or even university), they do not go into the depth of everything that they teach you. To do this would be best reading up documentation of specific coding languages, read articles and follow tutorials on Youtube (btw freeCodeCamp has plenty, so check them out).

More importantly, create your own projects once you feel you have learned enough from a particular topic. To start with, do a small project, so for example, it could be a simple project of creating a dropdown navbar menu,

However, when doing a self-paced study, you are likely to feel lost at one stage. It isn’t possible to completely avoid that as most of us go through this, but what could be helpful is a couple of things below:

Whenever you get stuck on something, the forum here is the best place to ask for help. Believe it or not, by interacting with other people within the coding field is where you can learn so much out of it.

Sometimes, you will feel a bit lost on where to go in your learning journey. On Twitter, there is a challenge called100DaysOfCode. I am not saying you should take part, but you could search for others who are and see their tweets, which they post almost daily of their coding journey. It may give you a bit of inspiration and motivation. I am also taking part in it, and I have found it to be helpful as people have been giving brilliant advice in my code learning journey.

What I would advise against is memorising every single line of code by heart and writing them all down. Only write down the ones you struggle to understand, along with examples. But, it is best to learn it and then create small examples and play around with it to test.

Hope this helps and good luck

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