[COLLATION]: Microsoft C# Username/Trophy Error


An error occurred trying to link your Microsoft username to your freeCodeCamp account

Common Issue

Campers are not submitting the correct link in the input. The expected link format is:


Possible Solution

Search within Microsoft account for a sharable link matching the above format.

Related GitHub Issue


If you are still experiencing this issue after using the correct URL, please reply below with steps to reproduce.

Please confirm you have completed the necessary module on Microsoft’s learn platform.

DO NOT share your Microsoft URL, as this can only be used to link one account.



When trying to add trophy to amount I get the following error message:

We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft’s learning platform.


Same problem here ! Unable to link to microsoft account

Yes me to same problem

Same problem as well…

Same Problem for me: “We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft’s learning platform.”

how to fix it ? I think it could be some wrong permissions on microsoft side but i’m not able to found something related.

I have completed the challenges however for every module it has returned the same error.


I’m getting the same issue too.

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Same issue here. Sorry didn’t realise this already existed, now can’t delete dupe.



I im getting the same issue here.

I have the same problem

Same problem here. Was this feature not tested?

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I also have the same issue

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Same issue here…Can’t figure out how to do it.

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Same problem here :frowning:
I dont know what to do

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same same :frowning: - how to fix?

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Even if you put the correct link based on your instructions, it is not working.


I cant even find the Transcript link on the Microsoft page…