Completed Projects

As I’m working through the projects I’m noticing that once I’m done the project is not showing 100% complete. Am I doing something wrong? When I hit submit after each step shouldn’t it be marking that step complete?

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Can you show us a screenshot?

the blue highlights are the only steps that registered.

I have moved this over to the #support channel for other moderators and staff to see.

I am not sure why completed projects are not registering as 100% completed.

When it comes to the certification only the 5 certification projects counts towards the certificate.

Wish I could be more help.

ok, thanks for your support. What I will do on this nest project is to check to see if the step turns blue after its submitted. I didn’t notice that it wasn’t working the until after 2 were already done.

I went back in to look and the percentage completed in the projects decreased.

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