Contributors welcomed

Hy campers!

I have a GitHub project for you! Anyone is welcomed to contribute or to give some advices about this project, we have some issues with making the backend work, we want to host it on Google App Engine and the database would be in mongoDB(mLab), and since we are new in programing we would be really happy if someone expreienced in backend can help us. If you want to get in touch, just click here and read the readme in our GitHub page:


I just checked it out and the only GitHub Issue I see is one to do with animation. Also the projects page doesn’t have any descriptive user stories.
Can you elaborate on on the issues you have with the backend? Either creating an issue on GitHub or creating user stories on it’s project page

I’m interested in helping, so you can email me about it if you like, at
I just starred the repo, so I can find it in the future.

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