Coping with depression/OCD

I’m 29, I took a long break from web development in 2016 after having a stress induced seizure which ended up with me on a mental ward.

After coming back to web dev i’m really starting to worry that my brain is damaged or something, its like concepts wont stay in my brain even though i’ve learned them before, I just sort of get stuck and frustrated and im unsure of what to do.

I cant change careers, but now its like there are massive holes in my skill set i dont know how to fill.

A really aggressive agency has got me placed into a PHP contract job based on my skill set from 2016 but im really worried i wont be good enough, they never did any sort of code test.

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Have you seen a specialist? Is your primary physician aware of your concerns?

I am 24, turning 25, and I also have depression and OCD. Programming at times can help, but often it makes it worse. Retaining skills, especially with web developmeng changing so rapidly, is extremely difficult and anxiety inducing.

You are not alone here.

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Anxiety can interfere with your ability to process and retain information, and it sounds like you are set up for all sorts of anxiety regarding programming. That doesn’t mean that your brain is “damaged” just that your mental health is asserting priority over your education – just like having pneumonia doesn’t mean that your body can’t run in theory, just that you’re not going to be doing any marathons right now. Take care of yourself. There will always be new programming concepts, tools, and languages to learn.

I mean from the seizure.

Since I’m not your neurologist, I can’t make any sort of informed comment about that.