Created a website for a fellow civil engineer

Hello everyone!

I’m a civil engineer and I do web development as a hobby. Recently one of my friend who has his own civil engineering company asked me to create a new website because the current one was pretty aged. I was happy to test my skills so I agreed to do it. I wrote the code and all seemed fine. I purchased a domain at a hosting company ( for myself and also to test this site before I upload it on my friend’s domain. Sadly it doesn’t look like anything it supposed to. Here you can see it. : (it’s all Hungarian but the meaning of the text is unimportant in this case).
I also tested this on netlify where it’s worked just fine.:
I used sass for css but I guessed it’s fine just to upload a compressed css file in the end (it seems working on netlify). I also uploaded it on github:
I know it’s not a dry code and there must be some far from elegant solutions in it but I really can’t tell why it doesn’t work when I upload it.
All help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bálint

It looks the same to me except some of your images on the .hu site are 404ing.

Also you have multiple gigantic images so the site loads slowly. Someone recommended to me to keep pages below 3mb total, which seems like a good guideline. Resize/resample those images!

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Thnaks. I solved most of the problem with tha page so now it"s working fine. But you’re right about the images. I’ll surf the internet how can I reduce their size.