Creating a portfolio for freelance

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting in these forums and I have a bit of a silly question. I am currently in the process of trying to make my very own portfolio website for freelance work. I mainly want to do webdesign and development but I also have a lot of skill in Graphic design and illustration and was thinking about offering those services as well.

Should I make separate websites for each portfolio, or should I put them all on one website with different sections. I hope to hear your opinions.



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If you are doing designs for stuff other than web/coding, then i would have a separate url/ branding for that (but you coukd host on the same host account). I would definitely have them reference and link to each other. That’s my $.02.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

My opinion (I’m 18+ yrs exp. freelancer/solopreneur) is combine your graphics and design skills/portfolio on the same site. Just have different sections for each. That way prospective clients browsing your site can see you can handle their project from start to finish, from conception and design to coding frontend and backend. Basically, a one-stop shop.

I’d just find a way to tie them all together for a cohesive presentation. i.e. for your Illustration for example, don’t showcase portraits/artsy-fartsy illustrations or sketches of random stuff. But tie your illustration and graphics skills to web design, logo design, infographics, etc.


Also, get on Instagram too, for marketing/branding purposes. Show off your personality, behind-the-scenes and other works there.

– I’d love to show you my portfolio website but I have none. Never had one. Just goes to show you that freelancing is more about building a network of contacts, word-of-mouth referrals, doing great work, a track record, offering a unique combination of skills, and targetting a niche – rather than having a fancy website. So don’t stress too much about how your website should be organized or should look.

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