Demand for JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 Soars; jQuery, Angular Declining

I’ve been checking the UK job boards every few months to figure out what skills are most in demand. Between August and December this year, there has been a slight decline overall (perhaps seasonal), but the following tech has risen dramatically:

JavaScript: 9197 jobs (Aug) - 10019 jobs (Dec)
HTML5: 3520 - 4904
CSS3: 2372 - 3855
Node: 1034 - 1274

The figures for generic HTML and CSS are basically steady, so there seems to be a genuine jump in demand for the new versions, not just a change in how people are referring to them.

This tech has dropped:
jQuery: 4206 - 3734
Angular: 1887 - 1677

Can’t be sure why Angular is dropping. Maybe the shift to Angular 2 has put people off. (React is stable, but still lower than Angular.) As for the decline in jQuery: could be the new capabilities of HTML5, could be better browsers. I’m really not qualified to judge.

Notes: these figures are from and were obtained by searching for “web developer” + the language / library listed above.

I’ve been following the trends as well, I can’t understand why React is still lower than Angular, Vue is not even in the map (almost).

What bothers me the most is React being so low in my country:

And hey, Angular is not very popular either…

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Time around the New Year is always the worst for freelancers and job hunting in general.

But the range is 5 years, not just December.

you said uk job boards then it could be brexit