Design copying , cloned website in protflio

I want to copy a website design and use it to showcase my ability to code. I have already copied a few designs from square space but I coded them myself. Now I am wondering if I will be able to include them in my portfolio while also giving design credit. If this is okay them how should I credit them as like mention them in readme file in github and in portfolio site give details like I copied this design from xyz website . And if this not okay then where I would find design to copy from to showcase my ability to code as I don’t know how to design how would I go about this situation

Cloning a web site is a nice exercise. It shows that you can use CSS and that you can implement someone else’s design. Yeah, I would just label it as a cloned site and give a link to the original.

Having a few clones in there is good, but I would also want some sites that you build from scratch with full functionality.

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Also, if you can find some issues with the original site and fix them or enhance the original site to make it even better that would be impressive.


this means i can include them in my portfolio and credit the design . ?

Yeah that would be good .i didnt think of it . thanks for the guidance . much apprerciated :heart:

this means i can include them in my portfolio and credit the design . ?

I’m not sure what you mean by “credit the design”. I don’t mean that you have to find out who the designers were on the page - that may not even be available. I think just having a link to the original is sufficient. The important thing is to make it clear that this is a clone of another site - they will understand what is happening.

ohk . thanks for the help . much appreciated

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