Do those who finish freeCodeCamp really get hire at Google, Apple, Microsoft, ... without priorexperince?

Hello everyone,

It is featured at the logIn page that freeCodeCamp graduates have gotten jobs at one of the big companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon & Spotify

I was wondering of such oppurtinties are availble for people just after graduating from FreeCodeCamp, without working to other companies then moving on to the big ones.
Also if the gradustes who land such jobs are with no prior knoweldge in web development.

I’m currently working my way throught the curriculium, but I don’t have such expectaions after finishing the camp, but more modest ones.

you can listen the podcast, and read the articles of freecodecamp “graduates” and read in #career subforum for stories of people that did exactly that

used freecodecamp as a starting point and landed great jobs

one last post with a success story is this:

I’m curious too about the stories involving the “big” software companies. At this point, for me personally, I think it’s a possibility in the future. Not a first job for me, but in a year or two, with experience, I think it will likely be more a matter of preparing for and nailing the interview.