Doubt in submitting Build a Tribute Page

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I am unable to submit the page for build a tribute page. Is there a compulsion in following sequence of the web development free course?
because I have directly go for tribute page but I can’t submit it . I didn’t even see the submission button .
Even I have passed all tests but on site it is showing 8/10.
What do I do?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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HI @anujpophali !

Welcome to the forum!

Please share your code so we can help you.

On the left hand side scroll down to see what tests are not passing.

Mam, but I can’t see here where I have to submit the link.

You are no longer able to submit a link.
The curriculum has changed.

You submit your code in the editor and click on the run tests button.
If all tests are passing, then it will show a submit button.
Right now you are not passing all of them, so there is no submit button showing

Mam, but on test suite other than fcc editor it shows that test cases are passed.

DId you follow the directions here?
Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 8.01.53 PM

If you are failing two tests, they are probably the css ones.
Which means you did not link the css to the html document.

I can’t see your code, so I don’t know if you did that step or not

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
  <title>Tribute to Shane Warne</title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/style.css">

  <main id="main">
    <div id="top" class="center">
      <h1 id="title" class="center">Shane Warne</h1>
      <p class="caption">The man who spinned the world on his fingers</p>
    <div id="img-div">
      <img src="images/ShaneWarneBow.jpg" class="center" id="image" alt="Shane Warne Bow">
      <div class="center"><br>
        <p id="img-caption" class="caption">
          An imperfect man with golden arm
    <div id="tribute-info" class="center">
      <h2 class="caption">
        Here's a time-line of Shane Warne's life:
      <ul class="caption">
        <li><b>1969</b> - Shane Warne was born September 13, 1969 in Melbourne, Australia.</li>
        <li><b>1990</b> - Released from Australian Cricket Academy in Adelaide for disciplinary reasons.</li>
        <li><b>1992</b> - Makes Test debut as a 22-year-old against India. In two Tests against India his overall figures were 1 for 228, and the gamble by the Australian selectors on the young Warne looked to have backfired. Picked for short tour of Sri Lanka. After quiet start to first Test in Colombo, takes 3 for 11 from 5.1 overs in the second innings as Australia conjure a dramatic victory against the odds.</li>
        <li><b>1993</b> - After bagging 17 wickets in three Tests against New Zealand, he bamboozles Mike Gatting with his first ball in an Ashes Test at Old Trafford. It's labelled the <b>"Ball of the Century" </b>and a superstar has arrived, with a Warne-inspired Australia completing an emphatic Ashes victory. <b>Takes 7 for 52 against West Indies in Melbourne.</b></li>
        <li><b>1994</b> - Fined by the ICC after he lets rip at the departing <b>Daryll Cullinan</b> in a match against South Africa. Leading wicket-taker in all three series he played in, rounding off the campaign with a <b>hat-trick</b> against England <b>in Melbourne </b> to help Australia retain the Ashes. Also takes <b>8 for 71 at Brisbane</b> to ensure victory after Mark Taylor had decided not to enforce the follow-on. He is named <i>Wisden</i> Cricketer of the Year for 1994.</li>
        <li><b>1995</b> - Mark Waugh and Warne were fined by the then ACB, now Cricket Australia, after admitting they supplied match information to an <b>Indian bookmaker</b>. The ACB covered up the scandal, but the media exposed it three years later.</li>
        <li><b>1996</b> - Plagued by injury, and after receiving treatment on his shoulder, he requires surgery on his major spinning finger, causing him to miss a short tour of India. Worries surface - will he be the same on his return? </li>
        <li><b>1997</b> - ...Yes he will. He takes 24 wickets and scores 188 useful runs while Australia come back from the disappointment of losing the first Test to<b> retain the Ashes</b> in England. Shows his delight with his famous victory dance at Trent Bridge, wiggling his hips and brandishing a stump on the dressing room balcony.</li>
        <li><b>1998</b> - Told by surgeons he might <b>never play cricket again</b> after an operation on his troublesome shoulder.</li>
        <li><b>1999</b> - After returning from a broken finger in the final Ashes Test of 1998-99, he is dropped for the last game in West Indies as the selectors prefer Stuart MacGill. It was the only time they felt that way. Named Man of the Match in Australia's World Cup final victory over Pakistan at <b>Lord's</b>. He considered retiring during the tournament but stays on and on.</li>
        <li><b>2000</b> - Becomes Australia's highest Test wicket taker by passing <b>Dennis Lillee's 355</b> in New Zealand. Named as one of Wisden's Five Cricketers of the Century. <i>Joins Hampshire in the County Championship.</i></li>
        <li><b>2001</b> - Claims 31 wickets as Australia retain the Ashes with a 4-1 win, taking 11 for 229 in the final Test <b>at The Oval</b>. Becomes only the sixth bowler to take more than 400 wickets in the process.</li>
        <li><b>2002</b> - Named Man of the Series as he claims 27 wickets as Australia record a 3-0 win <b>in Pakistan </b>. Takes his tally to 477 Test wickets and easily beats the Australian record for most wickets in a three-Test series, previously held by Lillee and Richie Benaud with 23. Takes 14 wickets in the first three Tests of Australia's 4-1 Ashes series win <b>over England </b>, but misses the last two after suffering a dislocated shoulder in a one-day international on December 15. He races to be fit for the World Cup and says he will retire from one-day internationals after the tournament.</li>
        <li><b>2003</b> - Receives a 12-month suspension from the ACB for<b> taking a banned diuretic </b>that he claims was given to him by his mother to help lose weight. The failed drug test is announced on the eve of the World Cup and he leaves to Australia.</li>
        <li><b>2004</b> - In his return to Tests after his ban, he takes 26 wickets, including two ten-wicket hauls in a three-game series in Sri Lanka and passes 500 career victims. Overtakes Muttiah Muralitharan in India <b>to claim the world record </b>for the most Test wickets in his own right.</li>
        <li><b>2005</b> - Announces<b> he will live in England </b> and only return to Australia during summer. Scores his maiden first-class century when he <b>strikes 107 for Hampshire </b> against Kent. Finishes the Ashes series with 40 wickets from five matches - 16 more than any other bowler from either side.</li>
        <li><b>2006</b> - Takes the final wicket, his<b> 699th </b>in Tests, to <b>win back the Ashes </b> for Australia at Perth. Announces<b> his retirement from Test cricket </b>, starting from the end of the Ashes.</li>
        <li><b>2022</b> - Dies at the age of 52.</li>
    <div class="center">
    	<p class="caption"><i>
    		My life was falling apart and then to come out and play and have my best ever - 40 wickets, 250 runs... But the only reason I could do that was because of the way I thought and I think I'm pretty strong mentally. I think I am anyway, pretty strong to get over whatever it is.</i> - <b>Shane Warne </b>	
    	<h3 class="caption">
    		You can learn about this incredible man on 
    		<a href="" id="tribute-link" target="_blank">
  <script src=""></script>


You wrote this

But the test is very specific and wants this

<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

You have to use that exact code so it matches up with the editor

Now Mam get 10/10 but where to submit ??

Are you sure you don’t see any x’s on the side panel here?
Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 8.17.38 PM

All of them have checkmarks?

If you have all checkmarks then click the run tests button and a popup will show up where you can submit the project.

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