Doubts of a newbie about Front-End

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I am advancing in my knowledge about HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and some frameworks but every so often I get the idea that ¿this is capable only for designers and I don’t have a vision as such? Maybe I’m making a mistake and I should aim my energies elsewhere? Is it perhaps necessary to be a designer to be a Front-End?

maybe I feel like a person who does not consider himself a graphic designer and that makes me believe that this requires it exclusively.

I hope my point is understood, I thank you in advance for any comments :slight_smile:

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To make this statement, you probably have some thoughts about what it means to be a front-end developer.

So what do you think does a front-end developer do?

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I believe that a Front-End developer is in charge of passing the design to code (html, css and other technologies that require it) but in turn I saw in many places that in addition to that they ask that he have some knowledge, for example, of tools ADOBE and that’s where so many doubts arise.

A frontend developer may often work on a team that does not have a UX designer who will plan out every view and some of the responsibility for layout and user interactions will fall to the developers. You do not need to feel like an artist, but you should familiarize yourself with best practices and (even more importantly) accessibility concerns. You may also be required to create and present wireframes or mockups of a design, which is where design software comes in. Skills in these design software tools are probably not of huge importance when you apply. They can be learned quickly on the job.

I think the bigger the company, the more specific positions you have.

Good design is learning about the fundamentals of design. Learning the tools is the second step.

I think it’s always a good idea to understand your ecosystem, although this won’t be your daily work.

It’s probably just so you’re not lost when you get handed a .psd file.
It’s usually quite clear from the job description if a company is looking for a FrontEnd Developer or a FrontEnd Designer.