Dropdown on form

For elements that are form how do we do dropdown? It doesn’t say

do you mean a drop down inside the form element?
have you tried looking at the documentation on how that’s done? do you have trouble finding it, do you have issues understanding (what do you not understand?)?

yes i have. i couldnt find anything. im having trouble finding what is code for it

maybe this?

i still do not think that is the dropdown

It looks like a dropdown to me.

you mean its allowing users to choose an option after theres dropdown from the form?

been binging on netflix movies recently. sorry for the delay. as in today binging from afternoon till now

i don’t understand the value name really. is it a value really?

i dont understand the select element with value or attribute “name”

is the id that is first in the code getting preceding importance because where i put it seems to override my other code

i tried using doing the dropdown but am having trouble understanding it. if i place it before the label and nested in the form it removes the label’s description. and i’ve tried putting it inside the form element itself and doesn’t do anything

<form id="survey-form" select name="survey-form" id="dropdown"></select>

<form id="survey-form" select name="name-label" name="email-label" name"number-label" id="dropdown">

that will not work
do you understand that different elements need to be written separately?
maybe you need to review basic html challenges

<select name="number-label" select name="email-label" select name="name-label id="dropdown"><option value="a">a</option><action="/moonchild-sunchild-survey"></select> </form> 

it’s not affecting the associated matching label names for each label form, like using the label for which has that id and then making the change with the select name. it’s putting a dropdown separately after each label form

the labels should be paired with the corresponding input elements
the dropdown is a separate element in the form
you can’t do that together

i have gotten the labels with corresponding input. that is fine. i have sepaated the dropdown option element

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if you need more help show your whole code, like link your pen or repl or whatever you are working in

You need separate < this thing name = “dewdah”> :wink:

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