Easy Remote Pair Programming Tools

I have been looking to do some of the challenges with friends and was hoping to find a way to do this remotely. I would like to continue working in codepen while on the front-end challenges (or another html/css/js editor with live preview and console), and it looks like they have a PRO feature that allows collab mode, but I was hoping there would be a free option or workaround. I’m considering just trying Google hangouts which apparently has a screen sharing/control feature but not sure if the latency will be an issue. Has anyone else done something like this? What tools did you use? Was it easy to set up and use?

I’ve used Google Hangouts for pairing and it’s been great. Obviously you’re not both editing the same file, but that’s not how pairing works anyway.

A solution that will let multiple people edit at once is to both ssh into a server and join the same tmux session. Then you can both edit at the same time. You’ll still need something like Hangouts to talk.

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You could also try some remote desktop system, like VNC or [nomachine] (https://www.nomachine.com/) or similar.

ScreenHero is great. Just message someone and they can invite you to download it for free. If you have Linux, you can use TeamViewer. These are the two I’ve found to be most popular with the FCC community.

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys. I think I have a few I can try now!

Fog Creek just beta’d a brand new collaborative web development tool which might be just what you’re looking for:

Read more about it in the announcement:

h/t to @mikesprague for the original post: Introducing HyperDev