Estimated hours for each section?

What exactly does the 50 hours represent—is it the estimated time to complete that section? If that is true, then it assumes that each task/challenge in that section takes almost 3 hours to complete, which is a huge over-estimation. I’m able to complete some tasks in under 5 minutes, I’ve never spent close to an hour on any task (excluding the projects where you go out and build something outside of the FCC platform). Could someone please explain.

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It’s a very rough estimation for someone starting with no experience or prior knowledge. I didn’t come up with these numbers, but I wouldn’t think it’s based on the assumption that each challenge takes 3 hours. Not only do the challenges get progressively harder, but people just tend to get hung up on some new concepts. In my time here it has been very common to see people say something along the lines of “most challenges take me under an hour, but I’ve been working on this one for a day”.


Twinbird24, you’re either experienced or above average smart.
I’m pretty sure that for beginners this is more or less an accurate average. We read the challenge and spend all our time doing research to come up with a solution.

I’ve been trying to Title Case a string for over week while working on other stuff (i.e. studying).

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