Average Project Time

I’m trying to pace myself so I can track my progress on here.
Any metrics on how long a typical challenge takes?
What about projects? I have no idea how long those are supposed to take, on average.

average time is just that, average…
projects can take from 30m if you don’t get any hiccups (maybe couple of hours if you want to not do the bare minimum but a nice project), to hours and hours and days, of hitting a wall, researching, asking for help, trying again, some more googling, etc

challenges is the same, I would say that the no hiccups thing would be 10s for the shorter ones, 30m for the most complex ones maybe? but that means you know what to do after just reading the instructions and need no reflection, brain storming, planning or research

it is impossible to give an estimate as it depends on:

  • previous knowledge (maths, coding, logic problems, random things…)
  • problem solving skills
  • reading comprehension
  • ability to follow directions
  • information retention
  • googling skills
  • typo catching ability
  • etc
  • luck (the system could be down and you can’t continue and your pace is messed up :stuck_out_tongue: )
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Thanks @ieahleen!
Are there really no metrics anywhere, though?
I feel like FreeCodeCamp would have SOME idea of what the average timespan’s been by the time there’ve been over 40,000 people who pass.

well, till a few days ago the average time indicated was 300h for each certification, but really the personal estimate is something that is impossible to give for reasons above

In order to keep costs down, FCC doesn’t track or store a lot of fine-grained user metrics. The platform knows when you completed each challenge, for example, but not when you started it. Going back and redoing a challenge will overwrite the previous completion time. Even with all that, there’s probably good data in there to determine the median time for finishing an entire section, but I’m not aware that anyone’s gone and crunched those numbers. But it’s a self-paced course with a lot of variability in the difficulty of individual assignments, so I’m also not sure that the numbers would be of any practical use anyway.

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