Failed a challenge, almost cried

Use the map Method to Extract Data from an Array is the first challenge I wasn’t able to solve, even after studying syntax for some time.

I’m wondering what people’s opinions are on this question: If I feel like an imposter, like I’ve retained next to nothing I’ve learned, is it a better use of time to revisit previous curriculum, potentially all previous curriculum, or try to learn as I go along attempting new challenges?

Hi, its a normal issue feel like and impostor, i meet people with years of experience that already feels they are impostors and have to google everything. If you are stuck first don’t take it as a failure, its just the normal procces of both, learning and programing. Try to get out, make some time in other things, pass to an advanced problem, sometimes using something basic in most complex issues helps to unerstand that method. Use the hints and comment step by step what are doing in the solution, eventually you will understand how its works.

Your feelings are okey and normal, if you can’t be pretend to be, with time and practice you will stop being “the impostor”

pd:sorry for my bad english

also remember that asking for help is a perfectly valid thing to do

I think it’s normal. Just keep on ploughing forward, no need to feel like an imposter. I reckon failing 100 times per day is probably the definition of being a programmer! Start building your own stuff as well, that’s how you retain stuff, you’ll be fine.

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