FCC should bring back numbering of Curriculum

With the new curriculum,fcc should add the numbering and hours required to finish a challenge. The numbering the old FCC has helps know how far you have come and far you’re still going. Please bring it back

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The estimated hours per section has been put back into the UI

Yes, they state the number of hours, but it would be great to see lesson numbers to reference for future projects such as tribute page which you will need to create and other great projects. :smile:

The lessons have never been numbered. They are only identified by name.

Yes, you are right @ArielLeslie, but it would be great to see them numbered, so we can reference them for future projects or when people ask for help then we will be able to identify the lesson and help them complete the section.

They have unique names and there are 1394 lessons which will likely continue to change in ordering. I don’t see any value in adding numbers, but it’s not my call.

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