Feedback- Build a tribute page



Good job. You have a column nested inside of a column, using bootstrap grid offsets to center your bullet list. Great to see that you understand the Bootstrap 3 grid system so well this early on.

There’s one typo at the bottom:

You canlearn more about Grace Hopper'acheivement's here:

Also, your project is using two different versions of bootstrap. Open your codepen settings and get rid of Bootstrap 4.


Thanks so much! I didn’t realize there was a difference in Bootstrap 3 and 4.

Question, I can’t seem to get my jquery for my img tag to work, do you know what I did wrong?


Hello, just browsing the forums for fun! I’m a newbie Camper, but I might be able to help -

First though, a clarifying question -> were you looking to make the image bounce when the page initially loads? Or bounce continuously? I don’t know of a class that does that specifically, but CSS has animation key frames that could help with the process.

Here’s a link to a place that could give you some ideas:

Hope that helps some!