Feedback On My Personal Portfolio/Resume

Hi all!

I’m building a personal website and could use some feedback on what I have so far. The resume section in particular I think is a kind of weak, so any recommendations on how I can improve formatting to make it look cleaner are appreciated. I’m planning to add company icons to each of the boxes and if anybody knows how to change the color of the horizontal lines in the boxes that would be helpful.

your overall project looks cool , i want you to add more css in your project chose more color ,better add something intresting thing isn that first page while in resume make used of popup window so that people could know more about you .
You did really well.
Happy coding.

Thanks for the feedback. I like the idea of using pop up windows for the resume section. Do you know where I could find some examples of other portfolios that use this style?

if you really want to do by yourself or you wanna use template instead ?
for template you can search what exactly you want
other wise refer this site:-

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It looks really good, specially:

  • The mood of your hero image, along with your typography picks on the brand and menu, they seem to make for a great composition
  • Your responsive images

As for suggestions:

  • From a recent design course that I took on Treehouse, it mentioned that pure black and white work well on print, but you might one to use #333 (for black) and #F9F9 (for white) for web. This could help with the transition, because the top of the page and the resume part seem a bit disconnected then again I’m no designer, and might be just a personal preference

Hope it helps

Thanks for the feedback!

Very nice piece… Keep it up dear