I just finished my Personal Porfolio Webpage!

I just finished my personal portfolio project and I’m looking for some project feedback. I tired to make it more relaxed and funny at the beginning and serious at the end. I was developing software in FM for 10 years, but i don’t know if that is something good to mention when applying for a job, since I was totally self thought, and it is very different from what i’m learning now in fCC.
Criticism and suggestions are welcome!


Your page looks good @valentina.bacherer. Some minor things to revisit;

  • On line 25 in your HTML code the character entity • is missing the ending semi-colon in each instance
  • Not too sure about the navbar blending in with the background when in the content section. What happens to those that don’t have a pointer with which to hover?

Hello @Roma ,
thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it very much.

  • I didn’t know that the ending semi-colon was necessary , actually I copied it on purpose without the semicolon, as it was working, I left it that way.
  • I will think about an alternative that is not destroying the esthetics, but still functional.
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  1. The navigation links are hard to see once you scroll pass the first color/intro section.

  2. I’m not sure of the purpose of each section header changing to a darker color on hover.

  3. I personally would not add your Facebook unless it is a business Facebook page. Honestly, any social media that displays too much personal information should be left out. Perhaps social media that does show off your skills "Web developer • Filemaker developer • Industrial engineer • Photographer " could be ok. Anything too personal should not be included. You can add a Linkedin account instead. if you want

  4. I also would leave out the phone number. Again, too personal (unless business number) it shouldn’t be included. Leave that for your resume instead. The same goes for the email, but if you want to have an email then perhaps a separate email for business inquiries.

Other than those points I think your portfolio is great. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you @mish , I appreciate your feedback very much!
Related to point 1 and 2, it seems I have to find the balance between my photographer eye and the functional user-oriented thinking :).
Respect to privacy, I have some doubts, since I’m using my real name and data, but I see many of you have a nickname. Maybe I should change it… Are there any recommendations I can read about this issue to avoid unnecessary risks?

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Fine for now . My portfolio was horrible when I first started coding website even after learning from FCC results were same . I recommend you take some inspiration from ready-made website templates @ colorlib . It will help you a lot.


Hi valentina, unfortunately I don’t have articles that you can read to avoid unnecessary risks. I do believe not sharing your personal social media is a great start. I think it’s best to separate family from work. If your social media shows your passions and skills, like photography, then that’s great. If it’s filled with family , friends, and personal matters then perhaps not.

Think of it this way, if someone were to Google you how much do you want them to know about your life?

Here’s some points you can follow



Thankyou @kunal , i’ll take a look!

Thank you @Aries2k, I think that will be the next step when I’m a little more confident to start applying for a job.