Feedback on my website / portfolio

I’ve finished my website and if you have time I’d love to hear some feedback.
I started to apply to some jobs with it and I’m not feeling very confident. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

  • In the projects section, some of the content is partially covered by another element. You could add some margin or padding to solve this.

  • I would add a picture of yourself to make your portfolio more personal.

  • You could potentially hide a nice little easter egg at your skills section using :hover

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Your “JavaScript” block is off center on mobile. Otherwise looks solid to me.

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The website looks good, but honestly, for me, the colors are overkilling, in my humble opinion, I would change that.
Also, in the set os skills, the changing background on hover gives the impression that is clickable, unless you make them clickable later or something, I think you shouldn’t have that hover.

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Hi Marco, I had a quick look on iPhone XR: text is hardly visible and the green colour is hard on the eyes. Besides buttons look crammed, I’ve attached screenshots.