Finally got a Job as QA Engineer with Free Code Camp

Since 2016 I had been working as Game Tester.

Then in 2018 I got my degree in Literature. Try to find a better job with my degree but there is no job with better salary. At the end I still continue my job as Game Tester.

Then I try to learn “programming language” as a hobby for creating my own website blog using CMS. Then I have to help a friend to create a website. When I try to find creating website from scratch tutorial, I found the free code camp website. Back then, the tutorial about HTML and CSS is really helpful for me. I can customize the website template by myself. However, I got interested with web developer after try read other learning material. But still because I have no background in computer science, It is quite hard for me to understand. But the section of Quality Assurance make me realize that I have a change to find a job as tester for software and website.

After googling the term QA, it make me realize that the Job as QA is quite good for me. Once again the section of Quality Assurance help me to know the foundation doing QA for general project, not only for games. So long story short, I got my next job as QA manual in last 2020.

However, I realize that job QA Engineer offer better salary. I force myself to learn the basic of software development. I try to learn the basic concept of backend, frontend, api, database and so on. It me quite long for 2 years. To make sure that I understand the concept, I try to finish the challenge in free code camp. Those challenges really help me a lot to understand how software development work. Even though I cannot create it for now, at least I understand how to do QA.

In this year 2022, I try to apply job as Software Development Engineer In Test or QA Engineer and I got it. All those training and challenge help me through the test.

Big thanks for free code camp and for all community members.

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