Finished my Random Quote Machine - take a look

Howdy Campers, i just finished my Random Quote Machine.
Pls take a look.



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Hi NativeR, thanks for that :-), its my first post to a project.


Thanks again, i’ve corrected the original post.

I think your Quote Machine is quite original and gives a positive vibe. I personally would only make the ‘about’ button stand out more.

Keep up the good work!

Hi, @RockLobster7.

I like the way you have designed your project. Nice idea, nice realization!
But hope, you’ll add responsiveness to your design, what do you think about this?
Being responsive, it’ll look much better.

Hi @anon28782659, thanks for your feedback. Yes i did consider responsive. This was the first time i did a project were i needed to position elements in an exact place within other elements on the screen. I also needed to do a fair bit of jQuery which was also new to me. So i thought i would focus on these two elements of the project rather than adding the complication of responsiveness. Doing it this way allowed me more freedom with functional and visual design. But the project was taking too long and i wanted to move onto the next challenge.

This one took me 3-4 weeks i think.

The project was a lot of fun and i learned lots from it. I think i may re-visit this one in the future to add responsiveness.


Hi @NativeR, thanks again for your feedback. yes i wasn’t sure re that ‘about’ button being hidden like that. it was by design but iam not sure i am happy with it. I think i know how to make it standout without sticking out too much. I’ll retouch it a bit tomorrow i think. It shouldn’t take long.


I agree, the balance is the tricky part